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We are an independent media planning agency offering a full range of services to help you raise your profile, boost your brand and increase your profits. Our approach is very different to other media agencies. As an agency, we only focus on media.

Why work with us?


We are a fully independent and impartial media buying agency – providing objective advice and offering our media services without influence or pressure from any media, creative or PR interests. Our approach is often different to other media agencies, in that we only focus on media without the distractions of other marketing disciplines.

Our media planning team is second to none. With unrivalled experience in the field, our media experts will guide you through your media strategy, using enviable knowledge and experience to support you at every stage.

We will tailor our service to your needs, offering as much or as little support as you require. We can provide an all-inclusive package covering everything from planning and strategy to analysis, with all the niggly admin tasks taken care of as a matter of course. And if there’s anything unusual or different that you need, we’ll rise to the challenge.

Whether you’re looking for media research, media planning or a general media strategy, we will help you to understand your market, plan tightly targeted campaigns and get the results you’re looking for.

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We understand that entrusting your media planning activity to an agency is a big deal. So we try our hardest to uncover your business needs, understand your market and analyse the success of your campaigns in detail. Talk to us: you won’t find a more effective media planning agency.

Media Buying
We work hard to negotiate the best deals so that your budget goes a long way, and is not wasted on ineffectual solutions. The harder we negotiate – the better campaign you get.

Since starting with MacCormack Media for all Hive clients, we’ve never looked back. When compared to large global or smaller domestic media agencies, the quality of planning, service in execution and enthusiasm to analyse is unsurpassed. Never satisfied, they work closely with all relevant media owners to improve how clients’ business can be supported over time. And, they’re a real pleasure to work with, on shared strategies.

Ian Storey, Managing Director, Hive B2B

Current Clients

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