There are countless ways to connect with your audience. Whether it’s print, radio or cinema, targeted online ads or direct mail, we’re here to help you do it effectively. We’ll analyse your business needs and help you to target the right media areas with your unique message.  

Everything we do is strategic, informed by our meticulous research and our knowledge of media, so you can be confident that our carefully designed campaigns will provide a clear return on investment. We’ll show you exactly what impact your campaigns have had, providing detailed analytics and reports. We’ll use that data to inform your next campaign, moving onwards and upwards for better results each and every time.

B2B and B2C

Our media planners’ thorough knowledge of specialist B2B and B2C media means they’re perfectly placed to devise the best strategic campaign to reach your target audience.


Here are some of the main media areas we specialise in:

Print Media Buying Agency


Whether it’s national, local, regional, B2B, trade or consumer, we can help you get noticed. With your message presented in the newspapers, magazines and trade press that really matters to your audience, you’ll have a trusted and well-read platform for your product or brand.


We can help you plan campaigns that really work. Set up and run digital display – behavioural, contextual, programmatic and retargeting ads, and keep reaching out to potential leads and loyal supporters with newsletters and emails. At MacCormack Media, we benchmark all our digital activity – so we really do know what works and what doesn’t.


Make a big impact with a well-placed poster campaign. We can get you seen and talked about with cleverly-placed billboards, underground displays and digital posters.


Loyal, local, digital and relatively low-cost; radio advertising can provide an excellent return on investment. Our experienced media planners will get you set up with targeted, cost-efficient and highly effective radio campaigns.


Cinema advertising can be a powerful and effective way to target customers in particular areas. We’ll help you to be seen on the silver screen and gain a captive audience in local or national cinemas.


Direct mail is still going strong, despite the growth of other media areas like email and digital advertising. That’s because, done right, it’s an unrivalled way to deliver a message that is tangible - connecting directly with your audience. In our capable hands, you’ll deliver direct mail campaigns that really speak to your prospects and customers, with mailshots that generate interest, enquiries and sales.


Door to door leaflets are an excellent way to communicate with an audience in a specific area. We can help you set up an area-specific campaign that will raise your profile, generate leads and increase your sales.

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