Our Approach

Hard work
Creative thinking
At MacCormack Media we’re small but perfectly formed: working with us you’ll always get skilled media people supporting and advising your business. We work hard, we’re thorough and we know what we’re doing.

We always start with a completely open mind. We look at things from every possible angle and then ask media owners the difficult questions. Once we have the full picture, we’ll put all the pieces in place and create the media plan and strategy that gives you the best possible results.

We may be sticklers for detail, but we’re not afraid of original thinking. We’ll offer new ideas and perspectives to help you stand out from the crowd, and encourage the people we work with to do the same.

We specialise in media because we know we’re good at it. We work with a variety of highly experienced professionals who are equally good at what they do. We’ll help you take advantage of their skills and get expert help to find the perfect voice for your business.

Meet the team that makes things happen

  • Sheena MacCormack
  • Elton Thrussell
  • Maxine Edwarde
  • Lizzie Berwick
  • Sarah Douglas
  • Gaynor Keen
  • Harry King
  • Faye Richards