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Media Planning


Research your media and market. Knowledge is power. Really getting to know your market helps us to target your campaigns more effectively.
We carry out thorough media market research, so we can give you valuable insight into the preferences and behaviours of your chosen audience. This puts us in the perfect position to develop an informed media strategy.

Research your media and market


Publication analysis and appraisals. We analyse all the media we consider. Even those we don’t recommend using. This means we can provide insight into all potential media opportunities that could be incorporated into your communications plan.  

Publication analysis and appraisals 


Strategic, practical media planning. Strategy is the key to success. Our media planning arms us with the knowledge and understanding to develop well thought-out campaigns with clear aims, understand what’s working well, and identify what can be improved.

Strategic, practical media planning 

Media buying and negotiation. Whatever your budget, get the best value for money by entrusting your media negotiation to us. Whether you’re paying for print advertising or planning a TV campaign, our shrewd media team will ensure you get the best deal.


Media buying and negotiation 

Competitior activity reporting. What are your competitors up to? Where are they spending? What are they saying? We can find out to give you a competitive advantage. Our comprehensive reports provide invaluable data and insights to show exactly how you measure up, and which steps to take next.


Competitive activity reporting 


Online social media analysis and evaluation. From Twitter hashtags to online reviews, people are talking about your business. We can help you learn more about what they’re saying, and make sense of the trends, as part of the bigger picture.

Online social media analysis and evaluation 


Media training. Get clued up with our media training. Our team have years of experience working with all types of media and are more than happy to share their extensive knowledge with you.

Media training

Admin support. If you need help with the admin that goes along with your media activities, consider it part of the package. We’ll deal with all the requisite paperwork, emails, booking, invoicing and payments – so everything will run like clockwork.


Admin support


Who we work with. Here at MacCormack Media we’re a dynamic team and we’re happy to collaborate. Our independent media services are enhanced by a trusted network of senior creative, marketing and PR experts, who we call on when specialist help is needed. 

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